i am so tired

school is kind of really hard. i never thought i would have so much trouble at school, especially in music. i spent all of williams complaining about math. i should have taken my undergrad musicological studies more seriously.

i have final submissions for the first term soon. i want to be a serious bach scholar but i usually just end up writing about anime music. this term, i’m writing an essay about gender and race in black midi. it’s a fun time! but i should probably return to bach soon.

in other news, i finally got a kombucha starter and scoby after 2 months of searching in cambridge. i am very excited! i had to kill my old stock from williams. it was very sad.

hopefully i will have the energy to write a post next week. i really do love being creative in a non-music setting. thank you all for supporting my ranting/musings and for your kind messages. here’s a brew recipe that i’ve been using for two years now.

like kombucha, i probably need some time to ferment all this caffeine and sugar i’m drinking daily and regain my effervescence. how’s that for a forced food metaphor? see you all soon. xoxo.

k o m b u c h aimg_1055
feeds millions of bacterial friends

1 three liter jar
1 large rubber band

15g tea (black, green, white, not herbal or fruit)
150g sugar (raw cane, white, not brown, stevia, or honey)
1 scoby pellicle
200g scoby starter (or more)
2 liters filtered water

1. boil 500ml water. a watched pot never boils so go take a small nap.
2. wake up groggy. steep tea in boiled water for 10 mins. add 150g sugar, stir to dissolve.
3. tell everyone that comes into the kitchen that you are tired. seek solidarity.
4. add remaining room temp 1500ml water to the sweet tea. add scoby pellicle and starter liquid. the pellicle may float or sink.
5. cover with a cheesecloth, and secure with a rubber band.
6. let ferment in a warm room-temperature environment, around 70-80 fahrenheit (21-27 celcius) for around 2 weeks. taste with a straw (as not to contaminate it!).
7. take a nap. wake up in 2 weeks, feeling refreshed. drink kombucha.

music recommendation:
moses sumney – plastic (mid-city island)

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